29 December, 2012


Truth comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes in ways and manners in which we never would have guessed, and sometimes would not have hoped. Often times, the truth in a situation doesn't change our view on it...though it should. We can be presented the truth a hundred times, but if we aren't actively seeking it out or desiring it, we may cast it to the wayside as petty. Or ignorant. Or bothersome. As Christ-followers, we should always be seeking TRUTH and desiring to live it. If truth/life is layed before us and we respond with disdain because we don't 'feel' it, that should set off an alarm within us. If we have become so calloused or hardened by sin that truth no longer penetrates our hearts, that should be cause for concern and move us to the foot of the cross. Only He can soften our hearts and only He can give us the revelation we need. Only He can set is free from our sin...even when we have justified it so far that we no longer think it's sin. (John 8:32)

What situation in your life are you hearing the truth in, but refusing to allow it to bring change?

27 December, 2012

Snippets from my heart.

Often I will be somewhere and the Lord will lay something heavily on my heart. If my journal isn't handy - I'll type it on my phone. Here are a few of those:

I find it so interesting when someone  who grew up knowing God, decides they no longer want or need Him....whereas I, who grew up without God, can never again do life without Him. Genuinely. Do not be deceived; sin is only pleasurable for a season, and without God, this life is frighteningly miserable. 


Part of me (ever the secret optimist) believes that maybe if I dig deeper and share more of my heart...revelation will come. That it may spur some hidden emotion to change. But, I cannot produce revelation in others and I cannot force a heart change. I can only accept this and pray, or change my circumstance. Both options are heart wrenching.


It cannot stay winter forever. My soul jumps and aches for the coming of Spring. I long to hear "Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away, for behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth..." The prospect of this dreary and downtrodden season unraveling and melting into a season of new growth and freshness is - HOPE. Close your eyes. Breathe it in. Can you sense it? The warmth on the horizon, the melting of the snow, the fresh scent of Spring. One season is ending, and another is beginning; we must grasp onto that lovely promise.